Specialty Care

U.S. Lamsimsinhvien Specialty Care services is focused on providing specialized medical care with technologically advanced equipment and the latest procedures for injuries and disorders.
With the latest and most aggressive treatment options available, our physicians are dedicated to treating the injured quickly and safely. Many of our clinics offer specialty care services.
The majority of our specialists are either board certified or eligible for certification by the specific Board of his/her specialty.
Surgical treatments
Reconstructive & arthroscopic surgery
Joint reconstruction
Sports medicine
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Electrodiagnostic studies
Treatment of repetitive strain injuries and spinal pain
Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
Pain management
Spine Specialist
Minimally invasive spinal fusion & stabilization
Surgical treatment of failed lumbar & cervical surgeries
Anesthesiology/Pain Management
Diagnostic & therapeutic spine injections
Percutaneous discectomy
Advanced pain management therapies
Non-surgical acute back care
Lumbar & cervical discography
Minimally invasive disc decompressive procedures
Plastic Surgery
Treatment of traumatic injury
Aesthetic surgery
Reconstructive surgery
Hand Surgery
Peripheral nerve surgery
Surgical treatment of arthritis & joint abnormalities in hand
Electrodiagnostic studies
Diagnosis of spine & peripheral nerve disorders
Post-trauma treatment
Treatment of foot injuries & disorders
Functional & accommodative foot orthotics
Surgical & non-surgical treatment of nerve conditions
Infections & ulcerations