Chiropractic Care (Available at select locations)

U.S. Lamsimsinhvien offers comprehensive medically-directed chiropractic services. Our chiropractors are an integral part of our healthcare team and focus on normalizing the structural mechanics of the body to reduce pain and inflammation, while increasing strength and functional capabilities. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment option that facilitates improved mobility, which allows for a safe return-to-work and daily activities.
Chiropractic services
Spinal manipulation and mobilization
Mechanical/manual traction
Soft tissue mobilization/stretching
Ultrasound/Electrical Stimulation
Functional restoration exercises and body mechanics
Customized strengthening programs
Benefits to the patient
Rapid pain and spasm relief due to proper alignment
Increased mobility, strength and functional capacity
Improved recovery time
Benefits to the employer
Medically-directed chiropractic care
Improved case management
Additional treatment option for complicated cases
ACOEM approved
Reduced lost work time and improved productivity
Centralized billing
Facilitate employer control over the work environment