Physical & Occupational Therapy

At U.S. Lamsimsinhvien, we approach physical therapy from a sports medicine perspective. Employees work hard each day as their employers strive to keep them safe, healthy and productive. Since treating work-related injuries and providing physical therapy often go hand in hand, we also believe that therapists and physicians working together provide the best approach to a patient's medical treatment and disability management. From injury care to modified duty programs, our approach delivers better care, better outcomes and reduced cost of treatment.
We will help you:
Minimize injuries
Decrease overall costs
Maximize employee productivity and safety
Establish and maintain OSHA compliance
Facilitate employer control over the work environment
Benefits of physical and occupational therapy:
Aggressive return-to-work programs through the use of specific treatment protocols and direct oversight
Convenient one-stop location
Customized services to meet your needs
Lower overall case cost
Clear & constant communications