Non-Mandated/Non-Regulated Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

U.S. Lamsimsinhvien also offers Non-Mandated/Non-Regulated Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs through the same software program used in the Federally Mandated/DOT Regulated management program.
The program is customized to the company's specific policy and programmed to automatically calculate the number of random drug and alcohol tests that must be performed to meet the company’s minimum requirements
This type of program allows for the agency to select:
How often selections are made
How many are selected
If they want both drug and alcohol testing performed
Since these drug tests are not mandated, there are no specific rules of how many employees are to be tested. It depends on how each individual company's policy is written.
Non Regulated drug tests do not have a specific class of drugs that need to be tested. The Employer is able to choose from all of the drug testing panels provided, much like the 10 panel instant drug test. However, these tests will all go to the lab for confirmation testing.