Injury Treatment Overview

When you have an injured employee, you need excellent medical care, and clear communication between the company, the worker and the physician. You need a provider that understands the impact an injury has on both the employee, and the employer. The employee has not only the injury, but possible financial catastrophe to him and his family. The company loses a valuable employee, while helplessly watching their insurance rates go up. A difficult position, but U.S. Lamsimsinhvien has built our reputation on taking care of workers, and listening to companies.
Every injured worker will be thoroughly evaluated. We will do a careful history and make a reasoned decision if this is in fact a work related injury. We will do an in-depth examination and order ancillary testing only when necessary. A treatment plan will be made that maximizes the employees recovery, while minimizing collateral damage to the employer. We will communicate all that clearly to both the employee and the company. Finally, we will listen, and answer questions from all sides. We will do our absolute best to turn this into a win for both worker and employer.