• Occupational Medicine

Why use Occupational Medicine?

Occupational Medicine is most simply, the area where companies, employee’s health and medicine overlap.
With over 200 locations throughout the U.S. and growing, at U.S. Lamsimsinhvien, we are concerned with protecting the safety and health of today's workers, and the financial health of our clients.
Our first commitment to you; we will provide excellent care to your injured employees. Without great medical care, employees will be unhappy, complications will occur, treatment will be prolonged and medical costs will soar.
Besides providing great care, we understand the workers' compensation system, and its impact on your company's financial health. We believe something that can be cured in 3 weeks, shouldn’t take 8 weeks to heal. It is not enough to fix the problem; we must also fix the problem as efficiently as possible.
At U.S. HealthWorks, we strive to do the right thing in all our activities. Starting with the injured employee, we will make medical decisions based on scientifically proven treatments. The fancy name for this is "evidence based medicine". When an employee needs work restrictions, they will be based on the injury, and be clearly communicated to both the employer, and the employee. We never lose sight of the fact that the employee works for you, the company, not for us. It is not up to us to send the injured employee home, rather, we will give the employee reasonable restrictions and let you decide if you can accommodate these restrictions. After seeing a new injury, the doctor will call you, the employer, and simply explain the injury, the treatment plan and any necessary restrictions. We will give you a time frame to expect healing of this injury. All our providers are a phone call away to answer any of your questions regarding a particular injury, or general occupational medicine question. It is our goal on any injured employee for both the employer and employee to understand the injury, the treatment and any rehabilitation needed and both will have their concerns listened to and addressed.
Increase Productivity and Reduce Medical Expenses
Our doctors focus on excellence in delivery, providing prompt and high quality care. This level of service helps injured and ill employees rapidly recover which improves their lives while maintaining an employer's high productivity levels and reducing medical expenses. Your organization will realize enhanced productivity as well as a healthy bottom line with the services and approach used at U.S. HealthWorks.
How does U.S. Lamsimsinhvien help?
U.S. Lamsimsinhvien is a leading national provider of Occupational Medicine and we have the people and the facilities to provide you with a full spectrum of services. Our expert doctors and therapists will treat your injured, and can train your employees as well in a variety of injury prevention programs. In addition, on-site x-rays, laboratory services, radiology, audiology, pulmonary function testing, immunizations, drug screen collections, MRO services and more are available.
We can also make a “house call” of sorts. With our on-site services, we have the ability to administer influenza vaccinations or perform blood and urine collections to a group of employees at your workplace saving you time.
Of all the services we offer, we are most proud of the service your local Clinic Provider will provide from only a phone call. Our doctors are here to answer all your questions.
Our clients receive immediate access to injury status reports through our Client Communication System (CCS)
Our Client Communication System (CCS) is an example of our commitment to open communications between the provider, company and insurer. We believe that this clear and timely communication is the key to helping injured employees get back to work quickly and safely. This complimentary and convenient online service provides employers with immediate access to a variety of workers' compensation reports to monitor the status of injured workers. Read more...
Achieve positive outcomes with:
Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment
Rapid return-to-work initiatives
Aggressive case management
Timely communication with employers
Thorough consultations between our physicians and physical therapists
Expedient and cost-effective medical services