Backpack Safety

Back pack safety: recommended guidelines for backpack use
Improper use of a backpack can cause pain, fatigue and postural changes. Be aware of your posture when you are wearing a backpack to help eliminate harmful posture such as arching of the back, rounded shoulders, leaning forward or leaning to the side. These postures tend to cause fatigue in the surrounding muscles and can lead to possible strains and injuries, early wear and tear syndromes and shoulder and spine compression.

These harmful effects can be reduced or eliminated by decreasing the weight of the load being carried in the backpack. Children especially should not carry backpacks that are heavier than 15% of their body weight.

Recommended guidelines for backpack use: LIGHTEN THE LOAD

  • Wear BOTH straps to distribute weight evenly.
  • Straps should be padded and contoured to fit you.
  • Use the backpack's compression straps to secure the contents.
  • Use the waist belt to secure the backpack to the hips, instead of the lower back.
  • Make sure the backpack fits so that the bottom of the pack rests on the contour of the lower back.