Frequently Asked Questions About Flu Shots

Q: How can I avoid getting the flu?
A: The best protection is to get vaccinated. You can also reduce your chances of getting the flu by frequent hand washing and avoiding contaminated objects and surfaces.

Q: Can a flu shot give me the flu?
A: No, flu vaccines are made from influenza viruses that have been destroyed. The flu shot cannot give you the flu.

Q: Even if I get a flu shot, can I still get the flu?
A: Maybe, no vaccine is 100% effective, but generally, the flu shot protects most people. Other viruses also circulate during flu season giving you symptoms that can feel like flu. The flu shot will not protect you against those.

Q: Should I get a flu shot if it's not 100% effective?
A: Yes, Yes, a small percentage of people may get the flu even after receiving a vaccination. However, even if you do get the flu, you are likely to be far less sick than if you had not had a flu shot.

Q: Aren't the side effects worse than the flu?
A: No, the worst side effect is likely to be a sore arm. Your risk of injury or death from a rare allergic reaction is far less risky than complications brought on by influenza.

Q: Are there some who shouldn't get the flu shot?
A: Yes, if you are allergic to eggs (used in making the vaccine) or you have experienced an allergic reaction to the vaccine in the past, you might not be able to get this protection.

Q: Isn’t a flu shot just for the elderly and the sick?
A: No, certainly high risk people benefit greatly from a flu shot. If you are over 65 years of age, have a chronic or long-term health condition, or are pregnant, you are at greater risk of complications if you get the flu. But even if you aren’t at high risk, a flu shot can protect you, your family, friends and co-workers during the flu season.

Q: Is it too soon to get a flu shot?
A: No. The flu shot can be given at any time during the flu season. If you are at high risk, get vaccinated early in the season. It is best not to delay; but if you do, it's still better to get it late than not at all.

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