Client Testimonials

We appreciate the work you do and your demonstrated commitment to quality care of our team members, timely communication with us, and the accuracy of information your administrative team provides.
— Sherrie Homer, Assistant HR Director, DoubleTree Hotel
Associated Energy Systems
Back in November, I wrote a letter in regards to how the staff in your West Sacramento branch was amazing, and this was after only one visit. This may have been a bit hasty and maybe I should have waited till I was finished and recovered before I gave such praise.

AMAZING is an understatement for the West Sacramento staff.

It is now 4 months later and I am done with all my appointments and my back is back to normal. All I can say is......well I don't have the words to express how good I was treated and taken care of. Every time I was in there, they were always smiling and greeted me when I walked in. The atmosphere was like a family and made me feel welcome. I never thought I would say that I enjoyed going to my appointments, but the truth is, I miss going and seeing my Doctor! She took such good care of me, I really felt like she cared, she wanted me better. She is amazing! Thank you Dr. Accinelli, so much!

Thank you to the staff! From the front desk to the ladies taking my blood pressure and temperature, to my Physical Therapist and to my Chiropractor, thank you all!

And to the staff, I hope you're not sick of my face, you will all be seeing me again if I need a doctor because I am not going back to my other doctor. My experience was that good........EVERY TIME!

Thank you!

Todd Beatty
Associated Energy Systems

On behalf of the Cintas Sacramento location, we would like to recognize and thank you for your valuable assistance with our recent file project. Your team, Mary Frackowiak , Ray Usui and yourself showed exceptional customer service.

We very much appreciate that the team meets our needs with a sense of urgency. Our location recognizes that we could not accomplish this project without the help of your team. The customer service that we received showed an example of U.S. Healthworks business character and core values.

We are very proud of your association with our organization.

City of El Segundo
The City of El Segundo has contracted services through U.S. HealthWorks for several years. Recently, the city completed the contract renewal process and U.S. HealthWorks displayed patience and professionalism through the entire process. U.S. HealthWorks provides an extremely cost-effective method of delivery of pre-employment and occupational medical services, with a lower average case cost than other occupational medical providers.

This will be the City of El Segundo's sixth year with U.S. HealthWorks. In addition to successfully implementing the City's pre-employment drug testing and medical examination protocols, U.S. HeatlthWorks has provided a variety of medical protocols and services for El Segundo Police Department arrestees and coordinated the establishment of a Hepatitis Twinrix Vaccination Program for job classifications identified as eligible per Cal OSHA. The service provided by Account Manager, CatherineD'Alessandro and her staff is impeccable.

I am particularly impressed with the follow up and availability of U.S. HealthWorks staff. Their dedication and commitment to provide customer service is much appreciated. We have always received an immediate response on our requests and inquiries.

I look forward to continuing our relationship with U.S. HealthWorks. I gladly recommend U.S. HealthWorks to any organization requiring pre-employment and occupational medical services

Julie DeZiel
Human Resources Analyst

DoubleTree Hotel
I wanted to write to express our thanks to you and your team for your consistent support of our early return to work program.

To assist in the recovery and early return to gainful employment, our Hotel strives to provide transitional duty employment to all injured team members in the event they are unable to return to their regular jobs.

We appreciate the work you do and your demonstrated commitment to quality care of our team members, timely communication with us, and the accuracy of information your administrative team provides.

We look forward to another year of partnership with you!

Sherrie Homer
Assistant HR Director
DoubleTree Hotel

Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream
At Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, we believe that all safety incidents are preventable. Our goal is zero for all of them. Even with our high degree of leadership and commitment to prevention, we must be thoroughly prepared to manage employee injuries/illnesses. This is where U.S. Health Works (USHW) has made significant contributions to our performance, as well as to our "I Can Make A Difference Culture", by keeping employees healthy and productive.

Our lost work day rates are among the lowest in the frozen desert and ice cream industry today. The Fort Wayne Operations, which is the largest ice cream plant in the world, routinely works more than 1 million hours between lost time incidents. USHW contributes to results like this at several plants, by supporting our return-to-work program with timely information and close communication with management. We believe this "early intervention" serves both employees and patients well by providing an immediate and effective means for on-the-job rehabilitation.

USHW has also been a dedicated partner to reducing injuries and lost time through the identification of problem areas, support for hiring and placement of employees, optimum treatment utilization, appropriate diagnosis and closely adhered to treatment plans. At all locations served, we have seen our workers' compensation losses steadily decrease due, in part, to clinic efficiency and quality of service. This is a competitive advantage that contributes positively to our bottom line.

Above being an efficient health care provider, the most important benefit of our partnership is an assurance that employees are receiving high quality care. Not only is this evidenced through rapid claim closure rates, but also by the feedback received directly from our team members who place reliance on medical staff to recover quickly and completely. Customer satisfaction vastly improved at those clinics previously owned by competitors, once USHW assumed control.

Clinic staff proved themselves to be knowledgeable partners, dedicated to placement, prevention and productivity. Whether it's providing body basics training to a 3rd shift warehouse team, conducting on-site job analysis, designing a physical abilities test or wellness program, USHW offers a continuum of health services that compliment our safety effort and desire to achieve an injury free workplace.

Greg K. Molloy
Corporate Director - Risk, Environmental, Health & Safety
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream

Embassy Suites Hotel
Just wanted to let you know you're appreciated. You always communicate your findings and concerns with all of our employee visits. Your updates and concerns show great support to our employees and our business. Understanding our transitional work program and using it whenever possible is an important business practice for us. This has helped make our relationship the success that it is.

Thank you for all that you do. We couldn't do it without you and the staff at U.S. HealthWorks.

General Dynamics
"They were very pleasant at the front desk, and during the check-in process too. They also were very accommodating to my schedule, and Dr. Bucklin took the time to take the x-ray of my arm (which I was very glad he did – I just wanted to make sure nothing was broken!!). He also had very good suggestions for treating the injury, which proved very helpful in my recovery."
General Dynamics
You guys treated me so well – thank you for thinking of me and for everything you do – I appreciate you taking care of me.

Shannon Peacock
Business Manager

Gibson Overseas, Inc.
Gibson Overseas has worked with U.S. Lamsimsinhvien for over seven years. As the Human Resources Director, I continue to choose U.S. HealthWorks as our occupational medical provider of choice because they provide our team members with excellent medical care and our company with top notch service. The doctors, nurses and office staff at the Commerce location are very helpful, responsive and always willing to go the extra mile to fulfill our needs. We recently changed our workers compensation insurance company and insisted on keeping this facility with our new carrier.

We're very pleased with U.S. HealthWorks for providing us reliable, efficient and professional service.

Syed Haneef
Human Resources Director
Gibson Overseas, Inc.

Grocers Supply
U.S. HealthWorks National MRO came highly recommended to Grocers Supply and have not disappointed us. They have handled our drug testing needs since 2005. We are a very challenging account; U.S. HealthWorks National MRO handles our account professionally and truly understands the complex DOT regulations and the drug testing process. While our account is probably not their largest, we are treated by Dr. Bucklin and Kara Jensen as if we were their only account; we receive prompt and efficient attention when needed. As our organization continues to grow, we are excited to have a partner such as U.S. HealthWorks National MRO handling our entire drug testing program.

Lee Williams
Risk Manager
The Grocers Supply Co., Inc.

International Paint
I have dealt with U.S. HealthWorks - Medical Surveillance Management since 2004, during which time they have provided our employees with excellent support in the areas of Voluntary Health & Wellness and Respiratory Protection Programs. Their work has been a major factor in our areas of OSHA compliance and employee well being, helping it to become a managed portion of our daily activities.

I can confidently recommend U.S. HealthWorks - Medical Surveillance Management as a solid and reliable resource, and experts in their field.

David L. Barbee
HSE Specialist - Americase SBU
International Paint

Thank you kindly for your call yesterday. We have had a tremendous experience with U.S. Healthworks over the past year. You and everyone at U.S. Healthworks with which we have worked, has provided the refreshing ability to approach an issue in a candid and targeted manner. That's a gift in the business world!

I extend best wishes to you as we approach the holidays and thank you again for your help.

Tyler Gibbs

Kruger Foods
We are sending this letter to let you know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your U.S. HealthWorks Stockton (East) location provides. We have always been able to rely on your flexibility and courteous service. Your staff has consistently made extra efforts to assist us with any requests or questions that we might have. We have also appreciated the friendly business relationship we have had with your company.

We believe the level of care that our employees receive when they come to U.S. HealthWorks is great and that Dr. Eck really does his best to treat and get our employees back to work healthy and happy. Also the communication that we receive from him and the back office staff is wonderful. We really appreciate the open lines of communication that we have directly with the providers.

We would also like to thank Marie Chevalier for always being helpful and attending to all our requests, and the girls in the front too, for always helping us when we have any questions over the phone. Thank you all for your help.

We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

Marriott International
In my experience, U.S. HealthWorks is a great partner to have when you're dealing with workers' compensation issues. They know what they're doing; they always provide great care to our employees without over-treating them and they respond quickly and communicate issues clearly and that's a huge help to me.
Martin's Point Healthcare
U.S. Lamsimsinhvien has been a responsive and effective partner in our workers' comp initiative here at Martin's Point Health Care. From the ease of making appointments for our injured employees, to the immediate feedback by their medical staff, they help us ensure that our employees receive the best of care in a timely manner.

Kathy Brooks
Resource Generalist
Martin's Point Healthcare

Michaud Distributors
Thanks so much for taking the time to visit our facility today. I can't tell you enough how much the people here like your company.

Michael H. Soule
Assistant Controller
Michaud Distributors

NCCC, Pacific Region
So glad everything went well for us Danny! So appreciate you and your staff and your wonderful "bedside" manners. Thank you for being so positive, kind, and patient with our young people.

Debbie Creamer
Campus Counselor
NCCC, Pacific Region

We have found that U.S. HealthWorks provides our company with oustanding and comprehensive occupational health services. The staff is consistently professional, courteous, efficient and responsive. U.S. HealthWorks excels in providing the quality of care and service that our employees deserve. They strive to ensure a timely and correct diagnosis while providing appropriate medical treatment and referrals as needed. Returning injured employees back to work is extremely important to our company. U.S. HealthWorks understands the importance of modified duty and working with us to transition our employees back to their full duty jobs. Their understanding of our business and related job duties helps us coordinate efforts to synchronize strategies and achieve exceptional results in the management of our Workers' Compensation cases. U.S. HealthWorks delivers excellent outcomes helping us close cases in a timely manner and thereby reducing overall costs. We highly recommend USHW's impressive services to any businesses.
Plastic Dress-Up Co.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can not say it enough! The quality of service that you and your staff provided to me was outstanding! Not to mention refreshing. Your staff displayed their compassion and willingness to help me solve my finger dilemma.

The kind of service you provided to me was beyond the call of duty and I am grateful for your assistance and kindness. It is reassuring to know that Plastic Dress-Up Company made the right choice when they selected your company for services.

Thank you again for your wonderful services. Just sign me one happy patient!

Dennis M. Funk
Chief Operating Officer
Plastic Dress-Up Co.

San Francisco Zoo
This letter is to express our appreciation for the services of Brenda Moore and her staff. U.S. HealthWorks has contracted with the San Francisco Zoological Society to perform a variety of medical services for our staff. These services include worker's compensation evaluation and treatment, DOT physical exams, vaccines/inoculations and flu shots. I have always found the staff to be very helpful. Documentation on the services performed by U.S. HealthWorks is always submitted to us in a timely fashion. The medical staff is responsive and they keep our administrative staff informed of worker's compensation injuries and the recommended treatment plan.

I would definitely recommend the services of U.S. Lamsimsinhvien.

Helen M Colgan
Human Resources Generalist
San Francisco Zoo

The Geffen Contemporary Pacific Design Center
It was a pleasure meeting with you and Mark Gonzalez today. I appreciate your taking the time to arrange a meeting with Dr. Pachachi, and for Sonia Lovato to give a tour of the facility. I was impressed with how smoothly everything appeared to be running in the medical center, even with a "full house" in the waiting room, and I was especially pleased with the close proxtmity of your Los Angeles location to MOCA.
The Integrated Group
On behalf of our staff and clients:
  • MidMountain Contractors
  • Scarsella Brothers Construction
  • Pro-Vac
  • City Transfer
  • Biwell Construction
  • Marshbank Construction
  • SCI Infrastructure
  • Western Tile & Marble
  • Terra Dynamics
  • Pacific Construction Systems
  • Olson Brothers Excavating
  • DL Henricksen
  • Fruhling Construction
  • J W Fowler

I personally would like to recognize and extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for the care and management U.S. HealthWorks has provided our clients and their workers over the past years.

We have experienced nothing but great service from all of your Puget Sound area clinics, from your front desk staff and nurses to the doctors. I am always impressed with the prompt and courteous personal phone calls I get from doctors providing me status updates on injured workers. I cannot emphasize enough how valuable and important this level of communication and service has been.

U.S. HealthWorks has always played an important role in assisting us with mitigating the risk associated with work related injuries and has been an integral part in our clients Risk Management and Health and Wellness Programs.

Again, thank you for the great service that U.S. HealthWorks has provided our clients and their workers. It should be acknowledged that U.S. HealthWorks has raised the proverbial bar for customer service.

Please be sure to pass my appreciation on to all clinics and staff. We look forward to a long and continued relationship.

Todd Goldberg

Travelers Insurance
Dear Danny and Shelly,

I ed Brad today and asked for assistance on clarification of work status for P&S. Because of the assistance he gave me today, taking time out of his busy day, my day was a little easier. I appreciate that so much, I feel the need to tell you. I wanted the both of you to know, I appreciate this type of customer service, as I hope this is the customer service I deliver. Thank you for hiring this type of employee.

John G. Dayton
Travelers Insurance

Thanks for all the effort on behalf of UPS Wellness programs to your West Sac, Stockton and, of course, Rocklin facilities. You guys did such a great job and I can't thank you enough...U.S. HealthWorks can't be beat!

Margie Hernandez-Woidtke, RN, COHN -S
Occupational Health Supervisor

VECA Electric & Technologies
"If your company is not using U.S. HealthWorks to manage your employee's work related healthcare issues, you are spending money in the wrong place in the wrong way!"

"Our company policy is to utilize U.S. HealthWorks facilities, even if we have to drive a little farther to get there. The extra time is well worth the management of worker injuries."

“The U.S. HealthWorks staff are state-of-the-art professionals that are attentive and responsive to providing the best patient care while working with the employer to ensure management of OSHA recordable injury issues and Labor and Industries claim management issues.”

Dave Williams, BA, MSA, EMT-P, CSM, HMT, WMD-T
Corporate Safety Director

Vitas Innovative Hospice Care - Program 99
You guys treated me so well – thank you for thinking of me and for everything you do – I appreciate you taking care of me.

Shannon Peacock
Business Manager

Washington State Department of Transportation
The Washington State Department of Transportation's Eastern Region employs approximately 500 employees working in a geographical area that encompasses seven counties. Unfortunately, as the result of employees occasionally becoming injured, my office may interact with medical providers in each of these seven counties.

The purpose of this letter is simply to let you know that U.S. HealthWorks physicians are the only doctors that have ever made "unsolicited" calls to my office upon completing the examination of one of our injured workers. The fact that you physicians' call us certainly helps in expediting that injured worker back into the workplace and makes our job much easier.

Please pass on our "thanks" to your doc's and keep up the good work!

David E. Booth
Regional Safety and Health Manager
Washington State Department of Transportation

Waterford on South Hill
Dear Kris:

I am sending this letter to communicate our appreciation of the long standing business relationship between Waterford on South Hill and U.S. HealthWorks. The close proximity of our businesses helps us access your services quickly and efficiently. Certainly, this relates to the convenient neighborhood location of your clinic but it really goes much farther. Your hours of operation meet most of our needs, your systems are well organized, and communication/follow up is always prompt and pleasant. We receive excellent response when we seek consultation regarding circumstances associated with occupational injuries and/or drug screens. An unexpected but highly appreciated benefit of working with your company is the opportunity on many occasions to have frank discussions with the doctors in unusual situations. Finally, there seems to be good longevity in key positions such as your receptionist that facilitates easy and consistent communication. Thank you for outstanding customer service over many years.

Jeffrey P. Bair
Executive Director