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At U.S. HealthWorks, we believe our leadership should be transformative, directing the course of healthcare in a way that earns the continued trust of the communities we serve. Our unique team of skilled medical professionals entered into this field for the very reason they should have – YOU. We promise to connect with you in a real and caring way, and make honest decisions daily that we know are achievable. As leaders of U.S. HealthWorks, when you walk into one of our 200+ medical centers across the U.S., we are certain you will immediately see the difference between us and other healthcare providers. Over the years, we’ve strived to establish and maintain a culture that eliminates the “unnecessary difficulties” one might commonly see in healthcare today. We knew there was no good reason for those difficulties so we successfully removed them to ensure you have a top-rate experience with us. We are proud to offer you the compassionate and easily accessible healthcare services you deserve. We thank you for your trust!
Strategic Initiatives
The following key initiatives contribute to our achievements as the leading occupational medical provider:
Continue to strengthen and maintain our occupational medical services
Develop and offer new services to meet the healthcare needs of employers, patients, and insurance providers
Research and provide educational information for employers, patients, and insurance providers
Provide a clean, safe, and attractive medical environment and the resources to promote healing
Strengthen and maintain communication avenues with employers, patients, and insurance providers
Continuously educate and train staff to ensure our employers and patients are provided the most optimal service possible
Recruit and retain a diverse faculty of outstanding medical and administrative professionals who have demonstrated expertise in their area of interest. These individuals must be highly qualified, service-oriented and committed to advancing U.S. Lamsimsinhvien's vision, mission and values.
Executive Team
Joseph T. Mallas
President and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Mark Pucek
Chief Medical Officer
Diane Yu
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Sherif Hanna
Senior Vice President of Operations
Brian Arnds
Chief Human Resources Officer
Wael Mohamed
Senior Vice President of Finance
Steve Essayan
Chief Information Officer
Dr. Tom Hadley
Divisional Vice President of Medical
Brooks Marshall
Vice President of Business Development
Kevin Coyle
General Counsel
Scott Strickland
National Vice President of Therapy Services