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U.S. Lamsimsinhvien Announces Acquisition of Professions HealthCare, Inc. in Bakersfield
Jan 2, 2007

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF – U.S. Lamsimsinhvien, California’s largest provider of outpatient occupational health care services, today announced the acquisition of Professions HealthCare, Inc.,1800 Westwind Drive, Bakersfield.

U.S HealthWorks will continue to operate it as a full-service, walk-in medical center with occupational health and urgent care services. The medical center offers a complete spectrum of occupational health care, including preventive services, pre-placement and post-offer exams and testing as well as injury and illness diagnosis and treatment.

“U.S. HealthWorks brings extensive experience and resources to the Bakersfield community, and we are excited to be working with them,” said Dr. Kevin Schmidt, President of Professions Healthcare.

“U.S. HealthWorks is the leading practice management company for occupational medicine in California,” said Company Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Daniel D. Crowley. “This acquisition is one of many we hope to complete in the coming months with doctors who want to merge their practices with our premier medical group.”

U.S. HealthWorks Regional Director Julie Scovel said, “We are eager to expand into the growing Bakersfield area, where we already have relationships with many clients who use our medical centers elsewhere in California and the U.S. We look forward to serving the clients of Professionals HealthCare, Inc. and the Bakersfield community.”

“California remains a great place for our customers to do business, and we are happy to be part of their solution for managing workers’ compensation costs in Bakersfield,” said Therese Hernandez, Senior Vice President and General Manager of U.S. HealthWorks in California. “Physicians in our centers keep American businesses and workers productive and competitive by helping them to reduce the incidence of workplace injuries and providing the right care right away when injuries do occur, reducing overall costs.”

About U. S. Lamsimsinhvien

U.S. Lamsimsinhvien was founded in 1995 and is the second largest operator of occupational health care centers in the nation. With 114 centers in 13 states and 2,400 employees, including approximately 350 affiliated physicians, U.S. HealthWorks centers serve more than 10,000 patients each day. U.S. HealthWorks centers help employers control work-related injury costs through quality medical care and effective management of claims and lost work time. They specialize in early return-to-work programs, injury prevention and wellness programs.

For more information, visit The telephone number of the U.S. HealthWorks center in Bakersfield is 661-327-9617.

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